31.7. VuuV Festival

Das VuuV Festival 2009 wird in der Nähe von Putlitz auf einer wunderschönen, neuen Location stattfinden. Die Dancefloors und das gesamte Festival Gelände sind von lauschigen Wäldern und einem zauberhaften Fluss umgeben.

Wie gewohnt ist Hauptfokus der Veranstaltung die erstklassige Auswahl and internationalen top DJs und Live Acts der Genres Psy Trance, Full On, Goa Trance, Dark Psy, Progressive, Electro und Ambient. Das musikalische Konzept des Festivals steht bereits, wir arbeiten noch etwas am Feinschliff um euch das Beste zu bieten…
Wobei wir uns dieses Jahr auf unsere liebgewonnene Tradition des >geheimen line upsgeheimen line upshall of fameBody, Mind & Soul< Area in der Chi Gong, Tai Chi und Ashtanga Workshops angeboten werden. Zudem bieten erfahrene Body Worker verschiedene Massagen an: Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, Intuitive Massage, Marma Chikitsa – Heilung durch Energiepunkte, Shizen Ryoudo Natural Body Therapy , Traditional Thai Massage und mehr.


Psynema Special Night: This year’s VuuV Festival is orchestrating a new form of psychedelic entertainment, the trance world has never seen before. Based on the successful concept of the Psynema that is doing audiovisual shows since 2004, now for the first time this concept is extended to a whole night and from dusk till dawn, music, visuals, performance, lights and lasers become one huge choreography. We are proud to present an amazing light, video and performance show, perfectly matched to the specially chosen DJ sets at the Main Stage. Psynema and various performance artists will stage an unforgettable show for the first time in the festival history. Buzz-T and El Geko the masterminds of Psynema are working since months on the concept of this mind-blowing event, which will doubtless be legend! http://www.psynema.org

Main Floor: Opening: Saturday August 1st 22:30 hours. On this stage VuuV Festival presents a carefully selected choice of the best international Psy Trance, Full On and Goa Trance DJs and Live Acts. The line up is composed by DJ Scotty, the promoter of the festival. His experience as an organizer of world famous events and as a well renowned international Goa Trance DJ spans almost two decades. So expect to experience simply the best!

Open Mind Floor: Opening: Friday July 31st 21:45 hours. Dance to the freshest beats performed by amazing Progressive, Electro and Psy Trance DJs and Live Acts. This stage is a platform for alternative styles of modern electronic music and is dedicated to a broad variety of electronic genres. Get surprised, astonished and delighted!

Electro Body Floor: Opening: Friday July 31st 22:00 hours. During the days indulge and relax to cosy tunes mixed by top Chill Out, Ambient, Downbeat and Minimal artists. When the night falls dance to smooth Progressive, Electro and Techno sound. This laid-back area is specially designed with much love and care to provide you a space, were you can calm down, recharge and simply enjoy beautiful music in a pleasant atmosphere.

New Location: VuuV Festival 2009 will take off near Putlitz on a wonderful new location. The dance floors and festival areas are surrounded by fairytale forests, a magic river and lovely creeks. In walking distance you can reach a nice public swimming pool and local super markets. Get more info about this stunning place and the directions to VuuV Festival 2009 on the location-page.

One rule applies for all camping areas: no independent sound systems! They offend the need of your fellow party goers to relax and chill at the camp site. In case of people complaining about independent sound systems, we will confiscate these sound systems until the end of the festival.

….The VuuV Festival campsite will be open from Thursday July 30th 9:00 in the morning until Tuesday August 4th 15:00 in the afternoon…..

  1. 19. August 2009

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